Construction modifications of the mansion and revitalization
of the castle park in Sered
to increase cultural and tourist
potential of the city

About project

Construction modifications of the mansion and revitalization of the castle park in Sered to increase cultural and tourist potential of the city

Why is the project needed?

One of the main priorities in the town is a rescue of the period mansion and park for future generations. The mansion and the castle park serve for general public as a relax zone, which are still missing in Sereď and which could be used for cultural-social events to be held. Revitalized project zone will be utilized as an active relaxation and a rest place for citizens and visitors of the town.

What is the objective of the project?

The subject of the project is represented by construction modifications of a part of the mansion and revitalization of the nearby castle park. The project of real estate culture monument reconstruction is possible to divide logically in two parts – activities focused on the park and activities to restore the chosen parts of the castle itself.

What is the project expected to achieve?

The town will solve by project the interior and exterior construction works on the mansion to open it for public access whereas the discussed part is in a damaged state. Mansion reconstruction is aimed to selected parts of the object, i.e. its central part next to a bastion. Selected windows, doors and roof will be reconstructed as well. The park is in the project like a polyfunctional complex divided into functional zones according to a character of the functions of the specific zone which covers requirements to use the park by all age groups of citizens. Reconstruction of the Holocaust Victims Memorial will be dealt in the project also. When the project is finished the discussed part of the mansion will be completely functional, offering exhibition area of the town what will extend this type of services and support cultural usefulness in the park.

How will the project address these challenges?

The whole area of the park will gain new features attractive not only to the local people but as well to the visitors of the town. The park in connection with gradual reconstruction of the mansion object will be a significant destination in the whole region and Slovakia, presenting a history of the mansion in the town relating to wider context of the history of Slovakia and Europe what creates a platform for meetings, dialogues, cultural events, tourism and presentation of the town on the international level. The suggested activities in the project offer possibilities for short-term relaxation and sport in a natural environment. Urban solution of the park is based on bounds to the surrounding structure and respects already used communication links in the area.

Who is expected to benefit?

The most important target group within the project is general public of the region and of the Slovak Republic who can enter the part of the cultural monument and the park will be more attractive for free time activities which will enforce cultural tourism in the region. One of the pillars of the project is the reconstruction of the Holocaust Victims Memorial so the project touches the Jewish community as a minority in our area.

How will bilateral relations be strengthened?

The project involves a citizens´ association which includes volunteers who will participate in the framework of project publicity, organizing cultural-social activities and promotion of the project itself. The Cultural Centre as another partner of the project provides technical aspect of conferences and cultural activities organisation. Partnership in this project will contribute to revealing of cultural heritage of the town and its historical treasure.

What will the partnership achieve?

By the partnership will be achieved a promotion of the outputs and results of the project financed from EEA within the region. In addition to that will be the promotion of the project with a link on the partner´s webpage attracting tourists to the region. The citizens´ association gathers a lot of volunteers who will participate as well on the project preparing various materials to promote the project. By the partnership will be achieved provision of cultural activities in the framework of the project from the technical side.